Allowing Anonymous Access to Dashboards or Reports

I see that I can configure the Share properties on a dashboard to give anonymous users read access. However, I don’t see a way to get to the dashboard without authenticating first.

Can you tell me how I can grant completely anonymous access?


Review this document:


Dear Hector,
I am using the same solution but, I am still prompted to login,
the difference is that my URL is different from the sample URL provided in the documentation, by using the below link method, I get the URL of my dashboard…

Custom Dashboard integration in Web Application.

By adding your authentication (using URL) part given in the documentation, it becomes… ?output-type=html&userid=admin&password=password…
If my URL is incorrect kindly guide the method by which I may get the same URL of my Report…
Please help in this regard.
Thanks & Kind Regards,

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