Configuration LinceBI with Oracle Express Database v 21.c

Good morning,

We are experiencing some difficulties in setting the JDBC drivers of an Oracle Express Database in Ubuntu. We downloaded the driver ojdbc11.jar from the website:

But we are not sure what is the correct location where to place it. The webpage

states that a script is provided for the installation ( but we not find such a file.

We appreciate if you can share some documentation and/or information about the way to determine the correct location for the driver.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards.

Gianluca Pironti

Hello @gpironti ,

You have two options depending on whether you make use of LinceBI with docker or not:

  • Without docker: Deploy the jar file in the path tomcat/lib/.
  • With docker: Deploy the .jar file in the root of the biserver.init.d directory.

In both cases you will need to restart the server for LinceBI to detect the new driver.

Best regards