Get LinceBi reports through c# code


I have created reports on LinceBi tools,
Now I’m looking at how can I get these reports on my running project by calling API

if you have any ideas please let me know

Thanks in advance

Hello Sunil,

We have already exchanged a few emails, but in order to reflect it in this thread and be able to help others, I’m answering you here.

If you want to embed LinceBI reports in an external application you have two options. One is secure but requires more work to configure and the other is not secure but is simple, I only recommend the latter for testing.

The secure way is to integrate some kind of SSO in your external application and configure LinceBI with this SSO. LinceBI only supports CAS directly, but you can use Keycloak to integrate multiple SSO systems between several applications. On GitHub we have several examples of this setup that may help you.

The insecure way is to enable authentication by URL and specify the credentials with the userid and password parameters, so you can embed any LinceBI URL without the user going through any login. You should create a user limited to read-only permissions for this as all users of the external application will have access to these credentials and they might be stored in the server logs. I do not recommend this option for a production environment.

To enable authentication by URL in case you are using the Docker image, just set the environment variable SECURITY_REQUEST_PARAMETER_AUTHENTICATION_ENABLED to true.


Thanks for replying to me back


Can you please share some examples of how I can pass parameters in the URL because there is no specific page URL on the site Like getting reports? Is there any specific URL to fetch reports? Please let me know.

And userId and password those I have login in LinceBi or Lincebi provide other specific credentials


Here is an example URL with the authentication parameters added:

The credentials correspond to any user in LinceBI who has at least permission to read the report.

The file path components are separated by :.

But please be aware that this is not the recommended solution because it is not safe to pass the crendentials through a parameter. What we recommend is that you set up some kind of SSO.

Dear Hector,
I am using the same solution but, I am still prompted to login,
the difference is that my URL is different from yours, by using the below link method, I get the URL of my dashboard…

Custom Dashboard integration in Web Application.

By adding your authentication part it becomes… ?output-type=html&userid=admin&password=password…
If my URL is incorrect kindly guide the method by which I may get the same URL of my Report…
Please help in this regard.
Thanks & Kind Regards,

@hector Please see the above posts and help me…
Lots Of Thanks In Advance…