How to install license


I am trying to find out where the license file for the STPivot Plugin should be stored.

Currently a running docker instance with linceBI could be build up and connected to the database.

When I now try to use one of my queries on the STPivot component it says I need to contact support for a license. I mailed your coworker Emilio and we agreed, that I will take back the problem to the support forum.

In another thread of the forum I found, that I can create a license on ,
so now I have a license file, but no idea where to put it

can you please help out?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the delay in replying, I was on vacation last week. is a legacy service that is not compatible with LinceBI’s current licensing system.

In the case of Docker, to activate the products you must set the environment variables STREPORT_LICENSE_B64, STPIVOT_LICENSE_B64 or STDASHBOARD_LICENSE_B64 with the license value.

In your particular case I have generated a license with a validity of 3 months for the three tools. Check your private messages.

Hi Hector,

I hope you had a nice vacation.

Thank you for your help and the lincenses. I will try it out and post results as soon as I know more.


Hi again,

I cannot get it to work. Here is what I tried:

  1. adding the licenses with export command to the .bashrc of the user “biserver”, which resulted in having the licenses available in the environment (printenv showed them)

  2. Adding a script in /etc/biserver.init.d/ like you mentioned in another thread regarding the downgrade of the SQL Server driver. Same commands (export lincense=key). Result: Keys are not shown in environment

Both ways result in the same message (“contact support for the license”) on the frontend, when starting each of the components

It is pretty obvious, that I am doing it wrong. Could you tell me where and how to store the keys correctly?

Hi hector,
i have the same issue. could you please send me a license too ?

You should define those variables with the --env option of the docker run command.

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --env STREPORT_LICENSE_B64=XXXX

Sure, check your DMs.