Install LinceBI on Windows

Install LinceBI

1. Install Zulu Community OpenJDK 8 from the MSI installer.

Link to Zulu Community’s official website

You can install Oracle’s JDK distribution, but we do not recommend it if you do not have enterprise support.

2. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Open a console with administrator privileges and run:

setx -m JAVA_HOME "%programfiles%\Zulu\zulu-8"

3. Install 7-Zip.

Link to 7-Zip’s official website

Although Windows File Explorer has built-in support for Zip files, it is very slow and does not support file paths longer than 259 characters, which can cause problems when extracting the LinceBI package.

4. Extract the LinceBI package with 7-Zip to C:\Program Files\LinceBI.

5. If you are going to access LinceBI from another hostname different from localhost, update the fully-qualified-server-url property.

You can find this property in the pentaho-solutions\system\ file.

6. Start LinceBI.

Run start-pentaho.bat from the installation folder.

Some users when starting LinceBI on Windows experience that the console freezes and the application does not start, this problem may be due the “QuickEdit mode” feature of the Windows console ( To solve this, disable this feature or use the installation as a service explained below.

7. Access LinceBI from a web browser.

  • URL: http://localhost:8080
  • User: admin
  • Password: password

You must wait until the text “Pentaho BI Platform server is ready” is printed in the tomcat/logs/catalina.YYYY-MM-DD.out file.

Install system service (optional)

Following from the previous step 4.

1. Open a console with administrator privileges.

2. Go to tomcat\bin folder.

cd "%programfiles%\LinceBI\tomcat\bin"

3. Run the following commands.

set JvmArgs=-DDI_HOME=%programfiles%\LinceBI\pentaho-solutions\system\kettle;-Dfile.encoding=utf8
.\service.bat install lincebi
.\tomcat8.exe //US//lincebi --DisplayName="LinceBI Server"
.\tomcat8.exe //US//lincebi --Description="LinceBI Server service"
.\tomcat8.exe //US//lincebi --JvmMs="2048" --JvmMx="6144"
.\tomcat8.exe //US//lincebi --StartPath="%programfiles%\LinceBI\tomcat\bin"
.\tomcat8.exe //US//lincebi --StopPath="%programfiles%\LinceBI\tomcat\bin"
sc config lincebi obj="LocalSystem" start="delayed-auto"
icacls "%programfiles%\LinceBI" /setowner "Administrators" /T /C /Q

4. Start LinceBI service.

sc start lincebi

IMPORTANT: If you install LinceBI as a service you should never directly execute the
start-pentaho.bat and stop-pentaho.bat scripts, you should always use the system service.