Installation on Ubuntu


I would like to start testing linceBI on a newly installed Ubuntu 18.04 machine.
So far I tried 3 approaches to install linceBI now and failed at one point each:

Direct Docker Link from LinceBi resulted in a running application, however I could not log in. I read in another thread that the base credentials should be admin/password, is this not correct? Is there any log to check?

Downloading from Github and trying to install lead to an error in which the gradle clean build was not able to find lerna and vue-cli-services, which were manually installed globally on the system though

Docker compose up from the Github repo resulted in errors when trying to get the licenses for stagil and stdashboard. I assume the rest would also be checked. Is there some kind of “dummy license” I can export into the environ or is there another solution? (See screenshot below)

Could someone help please?
The Docker image in approach one seems to be the easiest way. Is there any kind of restriction to the default credentials?

thanks in advance

Hi, the Docker image generates a random initial password that is printed in the container logs during startup, but you can specify the password explicitly by setting the DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD environment variable.

Regarding licenses, you can remove those environment variables and it will not fail at startup.

Thank you for the quick answer.

Maybe I am blind, but do you mean the printed uuid after running

docker run -d -p 8080:8080

or should I be able to find it via “docker logs [container id]”

With the docker logs command you will see the following line during the first startup:

[WARN] Empty "DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD" variable, generated password: XXXXXXXXXX

Found it. Thank you very much :ok_hand: