LinceBI install for Raspberry Pi

I have tried the GNU/Linux instructions to install LinceBI on my Raspberry PI.
For this step “unzip ./ -d /opt/lincebi/”, I receive the error message that the file cannot be found.
unzip: cannot find or open ./, ./ or ./
I performed a global search and could not find in any of my folders.

Is there a different set of instructions for LinceBI on a Raspberry PI?

I assume you are following this guide: Install LinceBI on GNU/Linux

That guide explains some generic instructions, but the specific commands may vary slightly depending on your environment. The error you are getting is that a file with the name “” does not exist, adjust the command to the filename that corresponds to the LinceBI package you downloaded.

On the other hand we have not tested LinceBI neither on a Raspberry PI nor on an ARM64 architecture, it may work, but we can’t guarantee it. Try it and let us know.

We may provide Docker images for ARM64 architectures in the future.