Login panel doesn't appear


I complited all the steps from instruction “Lince BI on Windows” (installing like a service),
but I can’t see any panel for log in on the addres “http://localhost:8080/lincebi/Login/”, I see empty sheet.

Could you please guide me where I could make a mistake?

I have the same problem with my install (docker or linux) and with the demo.
I tried on my laptop chrome and edge and also tried on my smartphone (chrome and edge).
I disabled my firewall and antivirus but it didn’t change anything.

Did you find a solution ?

Here is an error in the chrome console, maybe it’s related ?

the same situation for me. Does anyone have solution?

Hi, friends.
I have not any solutions :frowning:

And it’s look like supporting of LBI is “dead” - I don’t see any replies from developers in parallel topics during a month.
I 'm looking for alternative BI-soft.

Do you have any others suggested? Open source will be better.

We have found the source of the problem that was affecting some users and released an update that fixes it.

If you download LinceBI again it should work without problems.

Sorry for the delay, we have been quite busy lately.