MongoDB Integration

How to integrate with MongoDB collections to create dashboard and reports ?

Hi – Based on the information shared in , where MongoDB connector is present , our team decided to use it .
But unfortunately , it seems not to be available when we downloaded the setup as per the .

Can you please help us when MongDB datasource connector will be available?

Hi! You can currently connect to MongoDB from LinceBI.

To do this you need to add a JDBC driver for MongoDB to the tomcat/lib/ directory, create a generic connection in the datasources manager and set the correct connection URL and class name.

We don’t include any JDBC driver for MongoDB by default because we haven’t found any good open source alternative.

However, we have tested the Progress driver and CData driver with good results.

Hi Hector, I’ve tried both drivers but I continue failing with the connection.
I get this error:
ConnectionServiceImpl.ERROR_0009 - Connectio to database [null] failed

Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance!

You can contact to obtain commercial support.