Operation not allowed when installing LinceBI

Hello, when I enter the command
chown -R lincebi: lincebi / opt / lincebi /, appears, operation not allowed (operacion no permitida).

I try to enter the website, and it does not access

Hi Juve, you must be root to change the files owner, use sudo with the chown command.

Then look at the contents of the tomcat/logs/catalina*.out file and wait for the text Pentaho BI Platform server is ready to be printed (you can do this with the tail -f command). As stated in the installation steps.

Thanks for your help and your time.
Now I see these errors in Catalina’s log

All the best

The reason is that LinceBI uses a maximum Java heap size of 4 GB by default, if your system does not have at least that much memory you would have to decrease this value by editing the start-pentaho.sh file and changing -Xmx4096m to -Xmx2048m to use for example 2 GB. In the Docker image this would be changed by specifying the JAVA_XMX environment variable.

Although we do not recommend a value lower than 4 GB for a production environment.

Thanks so munch for your help, now it is working with 3 GB