STOlap blank page

I have installed the LinceBI project and STOlap page is blank . dont know where to start? i actually need drill down feature. please help.

Good morning @zohaib,

Can you provide us with the following information?

  1. Web browser you are using.
  2. Available datasources. You can access menu from the Manage datasources button in the sidebar.
  3. Image of STOlap page displayed.


Hi Alvaro,

Thanks for your response. We are using google chrome for browsing and have connected to mysql datasource.Please find the attached screenshots.Datasource ![STOlap|690x287]


As far as I can see, you don’t have any mondrian scheme (Analysis) in your list of data sources.

You need to create one to map your MySQL data source and that STOlap allows you to access through that schema. You can do this using open source tools like Schema Workbench.

Once the schema is created, you upload that schema from “Manage Datasources” and select the created MySQL connection as the data source of that schema.

Thanks for the response and now i am able to use the STOlap. Much appreciated.

thanks again.