STPivot4 asking for a license

Hi, folks!

I’m trying to use te STPivot4 pentaho plugin, but I’m stuck at this message:
" Dear user, in order to use STPivot4 you need to download a free license file from here and copy it to the stpivot4 pentaho folder"

Where can I get the license file, since the provided URL doens’t exists anymore?

Thanks a lot!

More details: I’ve download the plugin from this release (, extracted it and place the stpivot4 folder inside Pentaho’s “pentaho-solutions\system” folder. My Pentaho Server is capable of opening the STPivot4 View tab when I click FILE → NEW → STPIVOT4 VIEW, but my own Schema does not shown on the list and the demo schemas return me the message about the license.

Please, I really need some guidence!

Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the inconvenience, the service is now available and you can login to obtain your license.