I have installed pentaho 9.1 and I have installed stpivot4 and the license.

After selecting the cube it stays spinning


I have the same problem. In /opt/pentaho/biserver-ce/tomcat/logs/catalina.out I can see this:
pinning to...

Could you check if this service is working?


Hello @kernel,

I’ve tested the latest version of STPivot4 ( with Pentaho version and I had no problems opening the STTtool and using it.

Please answer me the following questions:

  • Could you tell me your exact version of STPivot4 and Pentaho?
  • Do you have another pivot table plugins installed?

Hello @kloing,

I’ve checked the service and it works properly.

Best regards

Hello Alvaro

Thanks for your response.

I’ve installed Pentaho
In version.xml I can see:
<version branch="Development" buildId="201808290946">1.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
Pentaho JPivot is installed.


Hello @alvaro.megias

So, if it’s not an issue related to this service, could you tell me what can I do to fix it?

The last line in /opt/pentaho/biserver-ce/tomcat/logs/catalina.out is what I said:
pinning to...



Hello @kloing,

Does the machine where you have the Pentaho server installed have internet access? Try to check if this address is reachable from your machine.

Best regards

Hello @alvaro.megias

If I try to access this address fron the Pentaho server using wget I get this:

david@xyz:~$ wget
--2021-10-05 13:21:48--
Resolviendo (
Conectando con ([]:80... conectado.
Petición HTTP enviada, esperando respuesta... 405 Method Not Allowed
2021-10-05 13:21:48 ERROR 405: Method Not Allowed.

I get a similar message if I try to access to this address from my laptop.


I’ve installed LinceBI to use STOlap. I’ve configured the same connections and it works like a charm.

Thank you @emilio.arias for your support.